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                        RESEARCH: Adopting a Traumatized Child

We offer assessment, intervention, and treatment planning for all members of the adoption triad.

Discord, guilt, exhaustion, and hopelessness are often the result of untreated trauma in adoptive families.

Learn evidence-based therapeutic, connected parenting models that bring lasting change.

Without training and education, parenting children who have been traumatized can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Adoptive parents often feel:
  • depleted, helpless, and guilty
  • judged and misunderstood
  • like they are failing their child
  • frustrated with schools and medical providers who often seem not to understand the impact of trauma and the needs of the child

Dr. Brigitte Wilburg provides the education and training necessary to understand and help heal children and families affected by trauma.

Seminars, support groups, and individual sessions at The Wilburg Institute are information and resource rich.

We internalize the emotional tolerance that was modeled for us during the first twelve months of life. This mental model becomes a perceived permission as to how much space one can take and how much noise one can make: in the world, in a family, in one's mind. Without frustration tolerance on the part of parent, normal and developmentally necessary impingements further traumatize the child.                                                                                                                                                   B. Wilburg

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Brigitte Wilburg, Ph.D.

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